No Biggie – [E Bleu]

After the success of his “3am” and “4am” singles racking up over a million streams combined on Spotify, E Bleu is going harder than ever and is taking his career every so seriously now. It’s known by now that anyone can get lucky and catch a hit, but to be able to do it numerous times, time and time again, it means that you have something special on your hands, and your talent level is ascending to reach new heights. Making another appearance on the Lyrical Lemonade platform, E Bleu is back with his latest hit, “No Biggie”.

Recording a session for the Rooftop Vybez platform, E Bleu sits atop the iconic rooftop setup to let off his auto-tuned and amazingly harmonized record “No Biggie”. While only sitting at a little under 2 minutes long, the chorus is super addicting, and the piano chime-like instrumental fleshes well with his vocals here. Sporting that chill and laid-back vibe, E Bleu stays true to who he is, all while staying very consistent in his creating; which is very important for artists to establish their signature sound.

Speaking on the record, E Bleu says:

“I’m just in a great space right now. I think the music has always reflected where I’m at in real life and “No Biggie” is just that confident, feel good vibe to me. It’s the start of a new chapter in my mind. I think that will be felt in the music as well.”

Stream E Bleu’s “No Biggie” below!