Niteskool Sessions – [Maushea]

When it comes to music, there is simply nothing quite like a live performance. No matter how polished the CDQ version of a song may turn out, anyone with firsthand experience knows that a well-executed live show is crisp like no other. Maushea’s recent Niteskool Productions performance, (a student-run music video production house based out of Northwestern University) aligns with this view. Representing the 77312 section of Chicago, Illinois, Maushea offers a dual hip-hop & r&b sound; a versatile trait that seems to be trending among currently active Windy City artists. She is part of Black Tide Entertainment Chicago, (bte Chicago) a record label and creative agency offering artist development plus audio and visual production. Maushea’s rap cadence frighteningly reminds me of fellow Chicago emcee NoName; whereas, her singing almost deceives the listener to believe there are two separate artists featured, aka a duet piece. Influence aside, Maushea’s unique style is evident through her Niteskool appearance, where she effortlessly glides from slower rhythmic patterns to more rapid, funkadelic harmonies. Filmed, directed, and photographed in an NPR Tiny-Desk like setting, Maushea’s exceptional vocals are accompanied by a talented band of electrical guitarists, drummers, and keyboardists. The sound engineering is perfected to ensure that neither the instrumentalists nor the vocalist unintentionally overbear the other, providing the listener a cordially balanced performance. Lasting a refreshing nine minutes and forty-three seconds, Maushea performs two of her original compositions, entitled “Aphrodite,” and “Bernadine’s Diary.” The final song she performs is a highly impressive cover of Anderson Paak’s groovy hit “Come Down.” If anyone needs further assurance of Maushea’s artistic legitimacy, peep her performing “Aphrodite” in front of Dreamville’s Ari Lennox, via a recorded Instagram live split-screen. Hear and enjoy Maushea’s Niteskool session via the YouTube visual below! Be sure to view the video’s description which lists all talented members involved in the making of the performance.

Words by Brandon Washington