Nineteen – [Young Kayo]

Depending on what artist you’re looking at, there are certain limits or ceilings on some of their careers. While they may start out with endless possibilities, some emcees tend to box themselves into a style that fans truly enjoy, but it limits their ability to branch out and try different things. One musician that I think has done a remarkable job at keeping their options open and delivering a myriad of sounds is YSL’s youngest signee Young Kayo. Kayo has been on my radar for a couple of years now, and as time has gone on, he has stretched into various genres that I never predicted.

In fact, there have been a few different occasions where I listened to one of his songs that I really enjoyed, but I had to search on Google to see if this was the same artist or if it was someone else who went by the same name. If that doesn’t spell diverse, then I don’t know what will. Kayo has been making plenty of moves throughout his youth, but in order to celebrate his 19th birthday, he decided to surprise fans with a brand-new EP aptly called Nineteen.

Although there are only 7 songs on the track list, they last almost 20 minutes long, so he makes sure to not leave you hanging on a track you enjoy before squeezing every last drop of effort and art out of his skill set. Over a variety of hard-hitting, energetic instrumentals, Kayo displays a slew of deliveries, all of which do a wonderful job of displaying his vibrant personality and exuberant charm.

Aside from Kayo, he also requested a couple of features, one of which is an impressive verse from Jugg while another is from the late legend and fellow YSL member Lil Keed. Although Lil Keed has been terribly missed since his unfortunate passing earlier this year, his contribution to the song “i wouldn’t” was impressively impactful, to say the least. All in all, Nineteen shows Young Kayo seriously turning up the heat, so while it might be a relatively quick listen, I’m hoping it’s going to prepare us for a true breakout year in 2023 from the DMV native.