Nineteen – [Rocci] & [Lu] ft. [Delmar]

There seem to be so many names that look so familiar to me, I just seem to come across them in passing and never really take a minute to stop what I’m doing, listen up, and enjoy. Rocci is one of these artists because even though I know he has done some amazing things throughout his career and helped contribute to songs that I thoroughly enjoy, I just haven’t ventured into his individual music, but I knew that was something that needed to change ASAP.

Well, I knew I needed this change as soon as I heard from the homie Lu that he hopped on a song with the rising talent called “nineteen”, which also features Delmar, but it wasn’t until I finally listened that I was missing out on such a remarkably gifted and versatile all this time, so I’m beyond grateful that this has changed. This is the second single off of his upcoming album, following up his first single “Friends” which came out just a week or two prior, and although I’m not surer when to expect this project, I know that I’m going to have my calendar marked and reminders set as soon as I figure it out.

Rocci produced this track with some help from Delmar as well, using a slow, mellow, and tender melody coupled with a perfectly paired drumline, but. It’s the vocals that really do it for me. Each emcee stands out more than ever before as Rocci takes over the hook, Delmar sings the first verse, and Lu handles the second and third verses as well as the bridge.

Each crooner sings their heart out, showing off some falsetto lines that seem to ease out of their souls and into the microphone, squeezing every last ounce of feeling into their deliveries that bounce off of one another insanely well. I am definitely on the edge of my seat waiting for this album to drop, so whether we get any more singles or not before it releases, I am certainly not going to miss out the moment it hits Spotify, and I suggest you prepare yourself as well.