Nightrider – [Tom Misch] & [Yussef Dayes] ft. [Freddie Gibbs]

Tom Misch is a multi-instrumentalist South London artist, famously known for his incorporation of chilling hip-hop beats, bright disco, and soft jazz instrumentation. Along with his immense capability of playing nearly any instrument at an elite level, Misch has an incredible singing voice, which always sounds heavenly over any instrumental he creates or goes over. I first discovered Misch in 2015, through his Beat Tape 2 album and have been hooked ever since. What I love most about Tom is that he refuses to box his artistic identity, having experimented and collaborated with several different sounds and artists with differentiated styles. His latest offering, “Nightrider,” featuring fellow UK drummer and producer Yussef Dayes, along with Gary Indiana’s finest Freddie Gibbs is no different.

The track is a true collaborative masterpiece, including fellow UK artists Tom Driessler on the bass and Tobie Tripp on the guitar strings. Minus Freddie Gibbs, this record is entirely created by British artists, indicative of the prominent jazz and music scene overall in the UK. The track connects from all creative angles, making it a highly addictive single with strong replay value. I love how Tom allows the calming instrumental to radiate in the listener’s ears for nearly an entire minute without interruption, before gracing the beat with his own elegant vocals. Yussef’s drums are catered to perfection, not being overly noisy nor too soft to notice and fully appreciate them. As for Freddie Gibbs, what more can be said? Frequently professing himself as the best rapper alive, even if you disagree, it’s hard to argue against him during the run he’s on, netting two indisputable classics with Madlib, (Piñata and Bandana) and four other impressive projects in between. On “Nightrider,” Freddie opens up his verse with a smoothly stated question: “Should I bless the track or let it breathe?” Choosing the first option, Gibb’s short feature is like a Larry Bird jumper that hits nothing but net; a perfect swish before eventually allowing Misch to finalize the record to perfection.

Stream the single below, which will be on Tom Misch and Yussef Daye’s joint What Kinda Music album, set to drop on April 24th. The album can be pre-ordered at

Words by Brandon Washington