NIGHTMARE – [93FEETOFSMOKE] ft. [guardin]

Some artists are people who have been on my radar for months and sometimes even years, but there just seems to be something that lacks in my mind because it takes something big to actually get around to listening to them. Sometimes the results make me feel dumb because I can’t believe how long I missed out on their music, and other times, it makes sense why I never officially got in tune with them in the first place.

Well, 93FEETOFSMOKE is a clear example of the ladder in my previous statement, because although I had heard him on various songs throughout the hyperpop community, I knew that he was going to have that punk vibe that I grew up on and so often crave, so when I finally officially decided to check his Spotify out a few months back, I was absolutely stunned at the talent that the Richmond, Virginia artist possessed. Ever since then, I have made it a point to check out every new release, so when he dropped his latest song “NIGHTMARE” with the legend guardin, I didn’t even blink before listening.

The song itself (produced by SMOKE and Aaron Osborne) is as completely high-energy and addictive as anything else I’ve heard from SMOKE, and while guardin provides the perfect equalizing parts, there is still this telltale punk aesthetic that there is no escaping, and I certainly won’t be one to complain about that. The video is yet another aspect that had me absolutely glued to my screen thanks to an amazing job by phvzes behind the camera directing as he shows off a spooky, foggy night that quickly begins to go south for SMOKE.

As he sits in a tent and around a bonfire camping, things begin to unravel around him, making him more uneasy than I’ve ever seen, but the most remarkable part is the way that this portrayal makes it difficult to decide whether these things are figments of his imagination or actually real. Either way, this release is yet another addition to 93FEETOFSMOKE’s insane lineage of hits, and I can say confidently that if you don’t check it out, you very well might have some FOMO-induced nightmares of your own.