Nicotine – [Xo Cam]

In the current day and age of up-and-coming artists, it’s obvious that there is a trend that leans on the factors of being depressed, dependent on certain vices, and other not-so-positive outlets that come together for a very dark, almost cynical outlook on music and life overall. While these songs and artists are people I listen to and thoroughly enjoy, sometimes it can be overwhelming and discouraging because these records often don’t give off much hope or optimism. That’s why, when I heard about Xo Cam, I was intrigued.

His music might have a similar disposition as some of his industry cohorts, but after simply reading his Spotify bio, it’s clear that he wants fans to believe in themselves and their dreams, and he wants to provide some motivation and happiness for listeners which is something that I think more artists need to take into consideration. Although his first song “Nicotine” just came out and it’s his only release thus far, it gets me excited for the future of this blossoming young artist and I couldn’t wait to share it with you all.

This track opens with impeccable production from Aidan Han and Nit Hoti who combine some meaningful guitar strums with some persistent yet spread out 808s and percussive elements that set a slow, revealing tempo for Cam to come in and show off his unbelievable voice. Early on, I realized that he sounds very similar to Iann Dior, one of my favorite artists out currently, so I was intrigued early on, but his ability to share his story in a much more honest, introspective manner led me to believe that he’s a talent that’s as individualistic as it gets.

Despite his vocal similarities to the rising superstar, the comparisons end there because his story and passion lead the way, showing listeners that he has his own unique and compelling story to tell, and it’s not something you’re going to want to ignore any longer moving forward. Xo Cam might be new to my radar, but he solidified a spot for himself with his single “Nicotine”, and I couldn’t be more excited for the future of this incredible new artist.