Nicotine – [Pretty Boy Aaron]

Following the success of his previous single “Comb My Hair”, Texas-based artist Pretty Boy Aaron has released an equally catchy follow-up single titled “Nicotine”. The song builds upon the alternative-rap sound Aaron has established through his discography thus far while incorporating elements of funk to make for a mesmerizing listening experience centered on the theme of a toxic, addictive relationship.

“Nicotine” continues to establish Aaron’s knack for catchy songwriting with another winning hook that’s bound to get stuck in listeners’ heads. His vocals and flows get boosted by the mesmerizing production on this track, which gets fleshed out by a funky guitar riff by Ryan Gordon and background vocals from Bruhnice and Sabz. Listen to Pretty Boy Aaron’s “Nicotine” below, and keep an eye out for the song’s music video which drops soon too: