Nice Guy – [Babyface Ray]

Over the course of the last year or two, Detroit has become one of the top music cities in the entire world. Considering I begin so many of the articles that I write about the city (which is honestly just way too many to count), I won’t go into the history or my knowledge of the scene as it has accumulated over this span of time to spare you the repetition, but just know that one of the main emcees you need to keep an eye on is Babyface Ray. Ever since I first really dove into the scene, Ray has consistently been someone who has lived and breathed what it means to grow up the way he did in Detroit, and the rest of the world has certainly caught on.

After releasing his album FACE at the top of this year, he secured a spot on the XXL Freshman list, sold out his United Stated tour, and received plenty of other accolades. One thing I’ve learned about Ray is that he’ll never stop working, and that streak continues with his latest work of art “Nice Guy”, a fantastic new track that comes equipped with a Joseph-directed music video. Tapping into his acting chops, Ray acts as a kingpin for a large drug cartel, opening with him counting money while meeting with a trusted colleague. It is soon clear that she isn’t quite as honest as we thought because after exiting to meet with a friend as she mentioned, she gets picked up by another guy that appears to be the leader of a rival operation.

This mole gets the information about all of the various drop-offs that Ray set up within that day’s business and relays the locations to the other boss, allowing him to send his people there to prevent a seamless drop-off to take the product for himself instead. This plan begins to take shape, all while the rapper plays a game of chess, but when the woman comes back to try and prove that she outsmarted him, Ray reveals that he was one step ahead of them the whole time and their plans were never going to work out in the first place. He makes this statement while taking out the king in the chess match that he was playing, adding an amazing subtle hint that he is the king, and he’s always going to win.

Although some of Babyface Ray’s videos are much more simple or common when compared to other motion pictures in the business, he always manages to put together a super enthralling, story-driven plot every now and then, so I will always show love to these just as much as I do to any of his other visual offerings. With that being said, the video for “Nice Guy” will make you feel like you’re watching a movie rather than a music video, and that’s all you should need to hear to stop what you’re doing and tune in immediately.