Niagara – [Redveil]

Redveil makes his return to the Lyrical Lemonade pages with the newest release with his album entitled ‘Niagara’. Every post I feel as if I emphasize how talent and how young these newer artists are. When I first heard Redveil’s single “Soulfood” I was impressed with his rapping ability but wondered what else could he offer or if he could expand his sound. At 16 years old rap traditionalists will walk away impressed with how far ahead and how much raw talent that this kid holds. He’s already received cosigns from Rob Markman, Don Lemon of Brockhampton and more. ‘Niagara’ is a 10 track album that runs just under 25 mins which should give listeners plenty of time to run the project back over again for their listening pleasure. If your a fan of heavily sample-based productions and are fans of Lyrical favorites like Mavi and Earl Sweatshirt then Redveil is definitely an artist you want to keep track of moving forward.

Stream Redveil’s new album ‘Niagra’ for yourself after the break.