Newport Beach – [Westside Webb]

Music is so intriguing because it can act as a sort of history lesson for fans who never forget the previous generation of greats and ensure that this music is never forgotten. Whether you look at the progression of rock, rap, R&B, soul, or any other genre that can be thrown into the mix, you can pretty much go decade by decade and see the changes first-hand, and while there are innovations and changes with time, there are still similarities as well because emcees often include facets that they have grown to appreciate with time before incorporating their own flair into the mix.

That’s why I love the Los Angeles music scene so much, because these artists, no matter what style of hip-hop they may make, always seem to include similar sonic elements to the legends that paved the way for their careers in the first place, but they never fail to also display unheard of flows and inventive techniques that are as individualistic as they are. Westside Webb is an emcee that I am just now getting officially acquainted with, but after listening to his latest song “Newport Beach”, I just want to take a direct flight out to California and cruise down the shoreline in a convertible blasting this track while soaking up the sun and good vibes.

Produced by Knowledge, the light, effortless instrumental just rides out, bringing the party to your speakers and the vibes to any situation you’re in while listening. Webb slides on this one too, demonstrating his deep West Coast rap knowledge with cadences that are as silky smooth as we’ve come to expect from this part of the country.

It just feels like he is a hip-hop historian that pays homage to the music he grew up on while making sure to exude distinct qualities of his own sound that others really should take notes on. Westside Webb is certainly at the top of his game on “Newport Beach”, so if you’re in the mood to just vibe out, let all of your worries fade away, and maybe even spark up a J, this record should definitely be your go-to in order to get the party started on the right foot!