New Year 4 – []

When I first got into the underground music scene a little less than a decade ago, my one-stop-shop was obviously SoundCloud. It was here that I could just go on and find an insane number of artists who were maybe getting a few thousand plays here and there, but nothing substantial, even if these were some emcees who were really pushing the limits of music and trying their best to innovate with an unheard-of sound.

While so many artists were from other parts of the country, I was inevitably led to Chicago thanks to some of these talents, and when I realized just how unique Chicago’s underground sounds were, I became instantly addicted. One artist who caught my eye early on was, someone who is definitely not a new name to Lyrical Lemonade, but he has continued to progress even after his move out to the West Coast.

After this move, he has linked up with some massive names like Ski Mask the Slump God, Lil Tracy, Lucki, and even Shoreline Mafia when they were still together, and even though I truly believe he deserves much more credit and recognition for pushing boundaries the way he did a handful of years ago, real fans know exactly the kind of dexterousness that he brings to the table in every new release. As per tradition, rang in the new year with another rendition of his series entitled “New Year 4”, and I couldn’t be more pumped.

Produced by Saint Kyle, we are gifted a smooth, electric guitar melody that couples with effortless, succinct drums and unique percussive elements for a relaxed, casual foundation that absolutely tears to pieces. When he comes in, he matches the vibe of the instrumental, boasting a raspy and nonchalant flow that is consistently graceful and contagious.

While this might not portray at his most aggressive or assertive, there is still this dark and sinister undertone that is absolutely infectious and familiar coming from the Chicagoan by way of Atlanta. I truly hope that 2022 is the year where we see level up to echelons that he was meant to be a part of, and “New Year 4” definitely gets the year off to a hot start, making it a record you’re going to want to check out as soon as you possibly can.