New World / Eenie Meanie – [Lango]

Up and coming Baton Rouge, Louisiana-based rapper Lango has recently released a one of a kind project titled Warthog. At 13 songs, Lango does not follow the mold of his two previous projects. Warthog, the rapper’s spirit animal, shows Lango in a new light, something more personal and relatable for his audience to digest.

One song titled “New World / Eenie Meanie” stands out to me. The rapper beautifully glides over the glossy and space-like production done by Bak for the first half of the song. Halfway through the diverse track, the beat switches up, bringing listeners to “Eenie Meanie.” The second half of this track is bouncier and ushers in a rebirth of Southern Hip-Hop.

I’m a big fan of the rising star, and with several viral twitter videos, Lango is definitely bound to pop in the near future.

Make sure to stream “New World / Eenie Meanie” here:

Words by Barry R