New Jam Freestyle – [Trapland Pat]

Today we are featuring an artist who has been making some serious noise out of South Florida. He goes by the name Trapland Pat, if you’re a fan of quick-spitting energetic rappers then he is one for you. Pat has a very recognizable look, with his videos being the main source people have been discovering his music. I was incredibly curious after seeing a snippet of his latest video and immediately had to learn more about the rising emcee. His catalog is already fairly deep but his incredibly catchy new single “New Jam Freestyle” is the stand out thus far. This one really connected with me leading to me playing on repeat all weekend long.

Trapland Pat’s new track is incredibly bouncy, using the playful key breaks in between the 808s to jampack incredible verses in between the infectious hook. South Florida has always produced artists that know how to combine melodic cadences with lyrics inspired by the streets, Trapland Pat is an artist that is up there with the best of them in terms of flow. The visuals for this track keep the energetic pacing you would expect from a bouncy banger like this. Overall, I am incredibly excited to see how Trapland Pat grows throughout the year and him being South Florida’s next star seems more likely with each release.

Watch the video for “New Jam Freestyle” below!

Directed by @Shotbyjolo

Produced by @Pepperjackzoe