New Check – [Better Temperatures] ft. [BIGBABYGUCCI] [Austin Skinner] [30ROCK]

Not very long ago at all, BIGBABYGUCCI announced his own independent label that was going to be known as Better Temperatures. While it seemed like he was already considered a legend in the underground, I respected the fact that he wanted to take others under his wing and help promising up and comers out as well. Considering I was already a big Austin Skinner fan, when I saw his addition to the group, I was beyond stoked, and although 30ROCK was a new name, I’ve grown quite the admiration for his skills ever since tuning into all of BT’s music since their start.

When I first heard their song “New Check” a couple of months ago, I was all in. This was the label’s first record that they had put out together, and not only was the beat incredible, but it was also just amazing to see how well all three artists worked together as their chemistry was obvious and marvelous. Obviously, I’m still craving new music, but I was beyond excited to see that the dynamic trio decided to team back up for their first official music video as a group, recruiting Reel Bump to shoot this flick for them. While it might not feature any insane settings or luxurious flaunts, it displays the group’s connection and relationship unlike I was ever expecting.

As they make their way to different places and scenes, they’re all decked out in matching merch sweatsuits that show off their name loud and proud. Admittedly, I have a t-shirt and some sweatpants on the way, so I’m extremely excited to rock some merch as well and show my support for this group that I truly believe in! Aside from this, though, every shot seems to be almost black and white with a slight hint of color that highlights certain artists and objects, sort of making certain people and things the focal point of each shot as they trade off verses and make their way throughout this miniature movie.

Considering Better Temperatures was just founded at the top of this year, there is still a long way to go, but after the couple of songs they’ve already released, I can tell that they’re already set up for unconditional success for years to come. While they might only have like two songs out together, at the moment, it’s clear on social media that they all basically seem to be connected at the hip, so I think it’s fairly obvious that they have inconceivable amounts of music coming our way sooner than later. While I can’t wait for these tracks or even my merch for that matter, I’m just happy to have a music video in our hands, and you should be too, so make sure you check out the newest visual from Better Temperatures’ incredible track “New Check”.