NEW BUGATTI – [Lil Gnar] ft. [Ski Mask the Slump God] [Chief Keef] & [DJ Scheme]

In the new age of rap music, there are a few stars that steal the show. That’s why, when I saw 4 of the most prominent names in music team up on a song together, I didn’t sleep for days leading up to the record’s release. The song I’m talking about is “NEW BUGATTI”, of course, by Lil Gnar featuring Ski Mask the Slump God, Chief Keef, and DJ Scheme. Scheme and Nuri teamed up to bring this instrumental to life with some almost sinister synths that are eventually bombarded with crashing percussion and thunderous drums, all of which are elements that all of these artists absolutely thrive on.

As Gnar comes in, he drops off a hook that is unforgettable and considering this is how most of his choruses are, this doesn’t come as a surprise. In his verse, he sticks with a similar disposition and sonic style, yet he rotates through a plethora of various cadences that are incredibly captivating, to say the least. After another chorus that’s riddled with Ski’s trademark ad-libs, we’re led right into ski’s verse which is chock-full of entertaining wordplays, distinct and gritty personality, and some of the more entertaining cadences you’ll hear all year.

When Chief Keef comes in to close out the song with one final verse, he acts as the sort of grounding artist in the record meaning he delivers some very straightforward, interesting lines that don’t necessarily share the same amounts of enthusiasm as the other two, but the personality and creativity are abundantly clear which adds a much-appreciated differentiation to the record right before it comes to a close.

Although this record is legitimately the only thing I want to listen to for the foreseeable future, I was even more ecstatic to find out that they teamed up with HiGHDEAS to shoot a music video, so the fun just never ends. While there aren’t any insane storylines or plot details, this song is all about flexing and bragging about all of their riches, so this visual does an incredible job of bringing these brags to life. Opening up with scenes in various parts of a parking garage, Gnar and Ski find themselves vibing out around an insanely expensive Bugatti, as the song’s title would suggest, and this lasts for a good majority of the first half of the visual. Things change up when Sosa comes into the picture, though, and during these scenes, Gnar joins the Chicago legend in a checkerboard-walled room full of car repair tools where they continue to dance around and chill as the song runs its course and comes to an end.

While the music video might not be anything insanely out of the ordinary, it does its job of bringing the insanely remarkable song to life as well as showing off the artists and their always interesting outfits and dance moves. I obviously had high expectations after seeing such a heavy-hitting roster on this track, and there have been times where I’ve been let down from other highly anticipated collaborations, but this song was everything I could’ve wanted and more. So, with that being said, “NEW BUGATTI” is the can’t-miss song of the month that I couldn’t hype up any more than I already have, so make sure you stop whatever you’re doing and tune in immediately.