Neverland – [Trust’N][Bkwds]

Being from Wisconsin myself, I’ve had a chance to see just how difficult it is for creatives to gain recognition for their work, making the hustle by Madison artists Trust’N and Bkwds even more applaudable. Their newest EP “Neverland” is something different, a sound you don’t want to miss out on.

The two are incredibly talented vocalists, and it’s apparent from the start with the first track “NotEnough,” a faster-paced track than the rest that hooks listeners for the duration of the project.

My personal favorites come in “Stay(Go)” and “DownForMe,” two incredibly catchy tracks that had me bobbing my head in the airport as I listened. The collaborative talent and compatibility of the two artists are made known in these couple of tracks, showing an incredible amount of star potential that can carry this project to success.

This project shows diversity and range, with the two singers delivering multiple styles and flows, something that will attract various audiences and give listeners a constant feeling of suspense.

Trust’N & Bkwds first popped off in the summer of 2019 with their EP release Lapse, gaining a local buzz in their area. Their newest release ‘Neverland’ is the follow-up to that project released more than three years ago.

Neverland captures a more developed story, with upgraded production, intricate songwriting, and versatility between tracks. After listening to their first projects, and comparing them to the latest, there’s no question that it’s only up from here for these two.

Check out Neverland on Spotify below!