Never – [Young Nudy]

Obviously, there is an overflow of unbelievable talent coming out of Atlanta. Despite all of the massive names that have come out of the Georgia capital, Young Nudy has always been one of my favorite artists. There’s just something about his straightforward, unapologetically gritty delivery that gets me every time, and although he might be making the transition from street life to fame, he’ll never forget his roots and the experiences that have molded him into the person he is today. Although he’s fairly consistent with new releases, his latest offering “Never” is yet another wonderful addition to his catalog of music, so I’m more than excited to share it with you.

He recruits COUPE to produce this netherworld banger which includes, dark, ominous synths, classic rattling Trap percussion, and punchy drums before higher-pitched, outer space-sounding synths enter into the picture as Nudy begins to spit. In classic Nudy fashion, he talks some of his shit as the beat begins to take shape, giving us a small sliver of what’s to come as the rest of the song unfolds. As he raps his hook, he boasts some nonchalant, carefree lines that are choppy and he even pauses at certain times, beckoning the instrumental to follow suit, driving his point home unlike ever before. He includes various rhymes throughout each bar, providing some playfulness as well as differentiation to the otherwise simplistically ruthless chorus.

He continues this flow into the first few lines of his initial verse before he switches things up and delivers his words more consistently and effectively. He never gets too hasty with his words, but he does provide some differentiating cadences that always fit flawlessly into the rhythm of the record. At the end of his first part, he brings things full circle by providing a one-off line that he sort of laughs off, leading us right back into the hook before another wonderful verse.

His flow is once again fluent from the chorus into the next verse, and his ad-libs basically repeat the last few words of each bar, driving his point home and leaving absolutely no room for ambiguity within his hard-nosed message. As he makes his way throughout this portion of the track, he reverts back to some of the additional cadences that he provides in the first verse, bouncing along on the mysterious beat effortlessly and incredibly before one final hook takes us out of the record. As he takes us on a gritty trip throughout this track, he references the title by listing examples of things he’ll never do, such as going back to being broke, wifing up women, or going back to stay at his mom’s house, just to name a few.

Although Nudy might not be as animated as Young Thug, as autotuned as Future, or as melodic as Trippie Redd, there’s just something about the attitude he boasts in every single track he releases that is unmatched when you look at the rest of the music industry. It must run in the family because his cousin 21 Savage has a similarly straightforward conviction within his delivery that makes you not only believe every word he speaks but almost fear him to an extent. All I know is, you definitely don’t want to be on the other end of these messages, because you might find yourself in some serious trouble if Nudy has an issue with you. Considering Nudy has been known to provide fans with one-off tracks that don’t allude to any sort of project or album, it’s hard to say if this song is going to be included on an upcoming mixtape or if it’s just a loosie, but either way, “Never” is an amazing single that you need to check out, so I suggest you do so and see for yourself.