NEVER TRUE – [8matiklogan]

If you’re familiar with the local Chicago hip-hop scene, there are a few names that should be commonplace at this point, and even if they haven’t quite made it out to other regions or parts of the country completely, they are always welcomed with open arms here in the Windy City. They just provide so much to the culture here, because they’re pushing the limits with their sound which in turn pushes other local artists to do the same, and even though this might sound like a competition, it’s always friendly and consistently brings the best out of the entire city.

When having a conversation about these talents, one artist that can never go unsaid is 8matiklogan, an emcee who has been a vital part of the local music industry for right around a decade. After years of experimentation, name changes, consistent releases, and more, I feel as if Logan is finally coming into his own and creating some of the best music of his life. In order to get 2022 started off on the right foot, Logan dropped “NEVER TRUE”, a self-produced track that samples one of his favorite house records and prepares us for this year’s new project 1636: The Second Chapter.

The instrumental is infectious, but Logan definitely goes above and beyond to showcase all of his aptitudes more than ever before. During his verses, he spits some remarkably seasoned and impressive bars before actually elevating his tone in the hook, singing just a bit in order to expand his skillset and show listeners that he is the multifaceted talent that we always believed he was.

In the accompanying CVO Films-directed music video, Logan hits up JUGRNAUT, a local Chicago streetwear shop that is a staple within the city and has always shown love to local emcees like logan, so it was only right that he hit up the store and showcased some of their merchandise while also showcasing his intricate skills. 8matiklogan is always going to have a place in the heart of local music fans just like they have a place in his heart as well, making “NEVER TRUE” an ode to his city as much as it is a platform to show off his abilities once again.