Never That – [MVW ft. Matt Ox, Valee & 645AR]

In the Southwestern United States lies the Four Corners Monument, the only place in the country where four states meet in one point of extreme cultural energy. In the middle of an arid desert, Utah, New Mexico, Arizona, and Colorado join forces to create one of our nation’s most notorious geographic points of significance.

Today music fans are treated to what can only be described as the musical equivalent of this in the form of “Never That” featuring Matt Ox, Valee, 645AR, and Michael Vincent Waller production. Together the four esteemed artists channel their own sacred energy to create something entirely new – a banger so left-field that the likelihood of it ever being replicated is next to none. Over an elegant piano-laden beat decorated with woodwinds, string swells and mechanical hi-hats, Matt Ox, Valee, and 645AR trade verses in careful symmetry to create one of the finest tracks of the spring. The juxtaposition of the three artist’s unruly energy with the poise of MVW’s production results in an energy that you’ll just have to hear to believe. With more music coming down the pipeline from all four artists this year – you’d be wise to keep this group of artists on your radar.

Listen to “Never That” by MVW featuring Matt Ox, Valee & 645AR below: