Never Sleep – [NAV] ft. [Lil Baby] & [Travis Scott]

NAV is an undeniable legend in the game after putting out countless hits and building a repertoire as an award-winning producer and rapper. While I know that his accolades are plentiful, it just seems like he is someone that I personally never really got too heavily into. I’m not entirely sure why, because clearly, he has the entire music industry on his team and he has played a part in countless songs and projects that have topped charts all over the globe, but I just never really tapped in with his solo music for some reason.

I have the utmost respect for him and his pull in this business, but I also know that he isn’t ever going to slow down, so there is no ignoring the Canadian emcee. The announcement of his upcoming album Demons Protected by Angels marks his first project since his 2020 effort Good Intentions. While updated details are scarce still, I think we can expect this project soon, especially after he released the album’s first single “Never Sleep”. Recruiting mind-blowingly massive guests in Lil Baby and Travis Scott alongside production from hitmakers like Tay Keith, Grayson, and veteran/mega-producer Mike Dean, there was no way that this song would flop.

The instrumental is strong and extremely catchy, but it’s NAV’s hook that lingers in your brain prior to unforgettable verses from each of the artists on this track. Although their personal styles and vocals are different from one another, they all seem to thrive over this instrumental, but that shouldn’t be a surprise considering just how versatile and talented each musician on this song is. I have no clue what to expect from NAV’s impending album, but if it’s anything like this record, I think it’s safe to say that he’ll need a larger trophy room to fit all of his new hardware.