NEVER MET! – [Cmten] x [Glitch Gum]

If you haven’t heard this track yet then you’re in the right place. San Francisco native Cmten and his internet friend Glitch Gum came together to create a track that would eventually take over the viral charts. “NEVER MET!” is one of those records that you hear once and can listen to again and again and again without getting bored. After speaking to Cmten and hearing about his story, it became evident that he has a deep passion for making music with his friends. As a high school student (2017), he started to fall in love with the idea of producing music, making trap beats for himself and his friends to mess around with. In April of 2018, Cmten put out his first song after creating the name Cmten so his friends wouldn’t know it was him. Without actually meeting in person, he heard Glitch Gum’s music through a random repost online and followed suit with a DM on Instagram that would forever change their lives. After offering Glitch the open verse on the song and him completing the task, the two decided to put the record out earlier this year.

From it’s energetic tempo to it’s extremely unique production, there’s no question as to why it currently sits at #1 on the US and Global viral charts. I’m very excited to see what these two do next as individuals and any other collaborations that they may have in the pipeline. Be sure to stream “NEVER MET!” below and follow Cmten on Instagram and Twitter!