never learn – [Kid Moon]

Streaming platforms have been looked at in a few different lights, sometimes being praised for the diverse selections for listeners to choose from while other times being chastised for the often brutal payouts to artists based on streaming numbers. I can totally see the argument on both sides, and while they are in no way perfect, I do think that there are benefits. Just the other day, one of my homies sent me a song on SoundCloud to check out, and after getting distracted, SC moved right onto the next track which happened to be a song that I absolutely loved.

After realizing my admiration of the record, I realized it was by an artist names Kid Moon, a 17-year-old Philadelphia emcee who I have heard mentioned in various circles I’m a part of, but I had never gotten the chance to listen quite yet. I am beyond grateful that the algorithm chose to play his track next because it finally got me to open my eyes to the incredible music that this young talent is creating, and it makes me want to dive even deeper to see what else I have missed out on. I then looked at some of the other platforms he is on and realized that about a month ago, he dropped a music video for his song “never learn”, a Yung Spoiler-produced track that had me entirely captivated from the moment I pressed play.

After reading his Spotify bio, it turns out his influences range from hitmakers like Tyler, the Creator, Steve Lacy, and the late XXXTENTACION to rising superstars like SSGKobe and ericdoa. This last citation is interesting because you don’t often hear musicians giving credit to other up-and-comers, but they clearly influence one another, and you can hear the inspiration clearly in this track.

In the Zanebird Films-directed music video, aside from all of the familiar scenes where Moon vibes out with his homies, there is an underlying storyline that unfolds as his pain turns physical after he finds a dagger that he uses to stab deep into his stomach, something that shows the emotion and pain that he is dealing with as he sings about it in the song. I am thoroughly impressed by Kid Moon after hearing just a few songs, so as I become more acquainted with the blossoming Philly sensation, I highly encourage you to tap in as well!