Never Fall – [Nast B] & [Lil Xelly]

I like to think that I’ve always been fairly heavily invested in the underground Rap scene, and Maryland is one of the most underrated hubs producing some of the greatest talents in the game. One of the most notable, in my opinion, is Lil Xelly, and although he’s no stranger to the Lyrical Lemonade pages at this point, I always find incredible new talents through his various collaborations. This is thanks to his insane work ethic, dropping various songs, videos, and projects every single month and although this overflow might be too much for some, Xelly would look at you like you’re the one with the problem. The thing is, he doesn’t just work with any artist in order to keep up with this amount of output, but he still carefully chooses his collaborations in order to work with some other promising talents in the underground.

Insert Nast B, another Maryland emcee who I was previously unaware of but after hearing the duo’s collaborative song “Never Fall”, I certainly have a lot to catch up on. This song begins with a magnificent beat that utilizes Drill-inspired yet somewhat elementary sounding xylophone hits of some sort that are elevated by momentous, almost vicious synths and piano keys, rattling Trap percussion, and absolutely thunderous drums. Although there might be a lot going on in the instrumental, both rappers make sure to steal the show and display their unmatched charisma throughout the entire track, starting as soon as Nast B comes in for the opening hook.

He starts out with a couple of quick lines before going with a slightly off-kilter flow that is undeniably uncharacteristic but works with the rhythm of the record incredibly. His attitude is prominent, coupling with the venomous vibe that is evident within the production. He continues this style into the verse where he boasts even more ruthless bars that captivate your attention and keep you enthralled throughout his entire part. About halfway through, he grants Xelly permission to do his thing, and Xel doesn’t bat an eye or hesitate as soon as he’s introduced. Instead, he does exactly what Nast tells him, going completely off the rails in his enthusiastic, lively style that drew me into his music in the first place.

Although he might be making vicious threats and talking about some not very friendly topics, there is an unapologetic quality behind his voice that makes you not only believe every word he says but almost fear him in a way if you have even the smallest inkling that these words are aimed in your direction. They follow suit in the second verse with Nast starting out, delivering some additional hard-nosed bars prior to Xelly taking over and finishing out this portion of the song right before one final hook that seems to bang even harder than ever before, leading us right out of the track even though it’ll probably be remain implanted in your brain for the foreseeable future.

Luckily, we were also gifted a visual for this spectacular song, and seeing the two rappers come together and vibe along to the song just makes this offering that much more special. As it opens, Xelly and his crew are walking up to some Asian restaurant as Nast is heading out. Based on their exciting reactions, this encounter seems to be a surprise, but the two groups immediately link up and get into the chorus of the song. As each artist recites their respective parts, they drink out of double cups, smoke blunts, and fan out the plethora of cash that they have with them.

One of the settings takes place directly in the restaurant’s parking lot as the large group dances along with the artists while other settings focus solely on the two rappers themselves. One of these places is a set of stairs that seems to be behind a building in an alley of some sort while another one shows one of their homies joining them on a roof. Aside from these simplistic settings, the visual is kept fairly crisp and clean, utilizing a Kodak-looking filter for certain shots while other scenes are shown in slow motion. I think simple was the way to go with this visual because it allows the artists to demonstrate their skills while not taking anything away from the already remarkable song.

I can’t believe I hadn’t heard of Nast B prior to this track, but I can say with the utmost confidence that I’m so excited to dive into his discography and see what other masterpieces he has brought to life throughout his years in music. He’s yet another artist that I was introduced to through the wonderful sonic universe that Lil Xelly has brought to life, and I’m beyond thrilled to see who’s next on the list. These two emcees just work so well together, and they seem to elevate each other’s artistry to the next level so I’m definitely hoping to hear more from the tag team in the future. As for now, “Never Fall” is the fantastic new track from Maryland underground legends Lil Xelly and Nast B, so make sure you peep the new song and visual as soon as you possibly can.