Never Enough – [Pouya] ft. [Lu]

It seems like as the hip-hop world has become more popular throughout the multiple decades that it has been in existence, duos and groups are a little harder to come by. Maybe it’s because solo artists just have more access to music-making equipment so there are more talents out there or something else, but either way, when I come across a pair that is as dynamic as they are talented, I feel like it’s definitely a spectacle in and of itself. When it comes to the Florida legend Pouya, he has been a part of so many different “groups”, it’s mind-boggling.

Even though none of these groups or duos are official but rather collaborations, the frequency with which they have dropped music is definitely enough to place them into this category. First, it was Pouya and Fat Nick, then it was him and $uicideboy$, then Shakewell, Boobie Lootaveli, and so many others to follow. Looking at how different all of these artists’ sounds are from one another makes it even more captivating that Pouya has been able to tap into different skillsets and bring out the best in his artistry each and every time.

Over the past year or so, Lu is the latest talent to team up with Pouya regularly, and I feel like this is a tag team that is possibly even more entertaining than the rest of them, at least personally. Lu has a very versatile skillset that effortlessly meshes with Pouya’s, and if you somehow haven’t tapped in with them quite yet, then their latest song “Never Enough” is as good of a starting point as any.

With production gifted to us once again by Mikey the Magician, we are greeted by angelic hums that clash with out-of-the-box percussive elements and thumping drums that lead to an intriguing yet calming base for both talents to spit their bars. Pouya begins with his honest and frill-less flow, allowing his words to spill out of his mouth in a masterful and eye-opening display of artistry. Lu comes in second, utilizing a soulful and passionate style that is sung majestically, and it almost sounds as if he uses multiple low-key vocals layers to provide some much-welcomed complexity to his expressive verse on this track.

This single is great in and of itself, which is obvious when you first listen, but what makes it even better is the fact that it comes with the information that it will be off of a new mixtape from Pouya entitled dirt/hurt/pain/ which is set to drop next Friday, February 11th. This tape will feature five songs total including “Never Enough” and will also boast features from Baker Ya Maker and Maika as well as production from Mikey, Noi Bruno, and Rocci. Any project Pouya puts out is always a phenomenon, so I expect nothing less from the upcoming tape, and if “Never Enough” is the single that sets the bar, I think we’re in for as big of a treat as ever.