Nervous – [The China Blue]

While some up-and-coming artists seem to be overnight successes that almost seem to be set up for victories before they’ve even taken a deep breath. Of the music industry, others have to grind day in and day out to be able to make a name for themselves. Although some rises to fame take longer than others, it’s clear that when someone has such a special talent, the world will eventually catch on and everyone will hear it.

For rising star The China Blue, he just released his debut EP Written in my Head, From my Bedroom in January of 2020, so the bulk of his transformation as an artist over the last year took place in solitude during the pandemic, yet this seemed to truly help him hone in on his sound more than ever. As he ramps up the momentum to drop his second EP at some point this spring, he recently decided to drop off the project’s lead single “Nervous”, and while I had no clue what I should’ve anticipated, he blew any sort of expectations out of the water from the moment he began singing. Reading the press release, it even says that he wrote and self-produced the majority of this hit in a single night, proving just how special of a talent he actually is.

Utilizing some heavy, almost trippy synths, simplistic percussion, and other tiptoeing instruments, Blue creates a flawless foundation for himself and he definitely doesn’t let a single second go to waste whatsoever. As he sings, there is a soft, carefulness behind each message he delivers, raising and lowering the pitch of his voice in a way that not only shows off his immense talents but in a way that also portrays the pure pain and emotion he’s going through while recording this track. While the narrative he sings about is obvious, it also mentions in the press release that he wrote this song after the end of a long-term relationship, so even without knowing this fact, it’s abundantly obvious that The China Blue was in a very dark, uncertain place that no one likes finding themselves in.

Along with this record comes a Macky Macguire-directed music video, yet I truly feel like the song spoke to me on a level that most music can’t manage to do, so while I suggest checking the enthralling video out as well, I wanted the bulk of my focus to be strictly on the record at hand. Even though this might’ve been my introduction to the blossoming young talent, you can bet your life savings that I’m going to be paying close attention to every single move he makes going forward, and I highly suggest you do the same. So, with that being said, go check out The China Blue’s latest single entitled “Nervous”, and be sure to pay attention to all the new updates to come on his upcoming EP.