Rhythm and blues is the genre that I’ve logged the most hours listening to ever since I’ve gotten into hip-hop culture, and I always find myself digging treacherously through undiscovered sides of streaming sites trying to find treasure-worthy R&B. As of late, I think I’ve found a gem in the South Florida artist HRTBRKFEVER. His mystic, hazy falsetto enveloping reverb-heavy background vocals instantly entranced me when I heard his latest single “NERVE / NUMB AGAIN.” It seems as if he recruited or sought out artists that would perfectly blend with his aura in the single, because LNLYBOY and HIDDENHILLS carry the beautiful vibrations throughout their verses as well.

“I’ve been in bed, with too many hoes I regret in the morning.” The themes of relationship and communication issues reign prevalent throughout the track, with motifs of drug-infused frustration and arguments to follow. This five-minute masterpiece that I’d only heard a few hours ago has me playing it on repeat, and digging through more of all three artists’ discographies.

Overall this may be one of my favorite recent discoveries, with “NERVE / NUMB AGAIN” completely blowing my expectations away. HRTBRKFEVER, LNLYBOY, & HIDDENHILLS cooked up something special with this piece, and have definitely gained an adamant follower because of it.

Stream “NERVE / NUMB AGAIN” below!