Neon Memories – [Death’s Dynamic Shroud]

It’s been a minute since we last heard from the electronic masterminds in Death’s Dynamic Shroud, but this week fans are treated to a new single and video from the trio. Following the success of their last release “Judgment Bolt”, the group reunites once again for their newest single “Neon Memories” – a banger directly taken from the Neon Memories EP due June 30th. Though DDS’s origins can be traced back to heavy sample-based vaporwave, their newest release is harder to pinpoint, as “Neon Memories” is basically structured like an indie-pop track that evolves into a massive electronic behemoth.¬†Whether you know DDS from Anthony Fantano’s priase or from years of vaporwave consumption (I, unfortunately, fall into the latter group), It’s hard to deny that the group isn’t perpetually on the forefront of electronic experimentation. Synthesizing esoteric vocal distortion with a glitchy and lush electronic mix, “Neon Memories” is a phenomenal example of Death’s Dynamic Shroud once again creating a banger perfectly polished for your weekly rotation. Whether you’re a fan of upbeat electronic music or trying to impress someone with your deep-cut curation, “Neon Memories” is a track that belongs on your springtime rotation as the flowers continue to bloom. With a new LP slated for release later this year, there’s never been a better time to be a fan of Death’s Dynamic Shroud.

Check out “Neon Memories” below: