Need It – [Kaytranada] ft. [Masego]

Kaytranada has been one of my absolute favorite producers in recent years. I got put onto him after hearing some extremely groovy beats that he created for some of my favorite rappers before realizing he makes his own music in the form of pure instrumentals as well as recruiting the perfect artists to level up his already insane production abilities. He has an impeccable ear when it comes to singers and rappers who will sound great on specific songs he creates with them in mind, and this is just another layer of talent that he has under his belt. Even his strict instrumental tracks are fantastic, not needing lyrics or other artists to tell the story but rather doing it himself through the instruments and sounds he masterfully utilizes.

Last year’s Bubba was another example of his abundant skills in the studio, and one of the standout songs on the project was “Need It”, which now has a music video to bring it even more to life than ever before. High-pitched, echoing synths, heart beating drums, and fast-paced percussion create a sound that brings a sort of intensity to the project, diverting it away from some of the lighter, easygoing sounds on the album. As the piano comes into play, it seems to sort of tiptoe around a momentous scene that is about to unfold. Masego, who I wasn’t familiar with prior to this song, amps up the momentous feeling of the track, delivering a sort of do or die sound to the already authoritative offering. As he ditches his rap-like style in order to sing, his voice continues to add passion and angst to the crucial situation that is unfolding. While delivering his words in such an anxious fashion, he talks about an event that he is unsure about as it’s about to unfold, knowing that if things go wrong there are some unfavorable consequences he’ll have to face. In his second verse, he ditches the uncertainty he possessed previously for a much more confident, calm, cool, and collected demeanor. After this transition, he seems to feel on top of the world as if the previous situation went down and it was successful. He talks about how he now has money and he’s in charge, so now he’s just looking towards the future to figure out what his next move is going to be.

The music video, which has mystifying blue lighting throughout, opens up in a bathroom. A guy goes behind a toilet to grab what looks like a bag of drugs, and he seems to be stressed about something as his friend gives him an encouraging pep talk. This guy and his crew eventually make their way across the dance floor before approaching a table where another gentleman is sitting down. As the confrontation unfolds, the original man holds up a coin, prompting the other guy to stand up, which ultimately results in an all-out brawl. Although it begins somewhat recklessly, this fight quickly turns into a choreographed sequence, as the crews simultaneously groove along while also trading off punches. This transition eventually takes the movements even further as it continues on, turning completely into a dance battle in the middle of a crowd of people. Unsurprisingly, Kaytranada is the DJ at this club as this event takes place. After the battle comes to an end, everyone pretends as if nothing happened, going back to grooving out to the funky sounds Kaytra is spinning for them.

Once again, Kaytranada proves that his music does more than make people want to dance. It shares a story with a captivating narrative, and his music videos always visually represent the story that is being told in each individual song. This music video is no different, as it follows suit of his previously released “10%” visual featuring Kali Uchis, which also took place in a night club that he was DJing at, despite the fact that it took place during a prior decade. Kaytra never fails to impress me whether it’s through his music or the imagery he uses to accompany it, so I’m not surprised in the slightest at my admiration for this new offering. Be sure to vibe out along with Kaytranada in his latest music video for “Need It” as soon as you get the chance.