Nate Said – [Facade Records] ft. [Kay Franklin]

Even since Odd Future split up so many years ago, it’s been interesting to see the different routes each artist has taken. While Tyler has risen to the very top of the music industry and Earl has become a legendary underground staple, other artists have ventured out and began their own journeys. Syd is obviously the lead vocalist of the extremely popular group The Internet, Taco is exploring the world of acting on FXX’s “Dave”, and Domo Genesis has joined forces with Mike N Keys, an incredible production tag team. From what I understand as a trio, the three musicians formed Facade Records. Although I’m not extremely familiar with any of their previous work as a group, just knowing how lyrically gifted Domo has been for over a decade made me very excited to see what he’s up to musically in Facade’s latest song “Nate Said” featuring Kay Franklin.

This track pays homage to the late great Nate Dogg, using certain elements and sampling portions of his classic song “So Fly”. As unique synths begin to take over the production, simplistic percussion and classic drums lay a very chill foundation for the artists to vibe out ever so calmly. Although Kay Franklin isn’t an artist I was very familiar with prior to listening to this song, it’s beyond clear to me now that he’s someone I need to tune into more often because his voice is incredible. Considering this song was released just in time for the always elevated holiday that occurs on April 20th, there’s no denying that this is a smoker’s anthem to listen to while raised to a higher state of mind. This is even emphasized further by Kay quoting Nate Dogg and his legendary “smoke weed every day” lyric, just in case listeners didn’t already get this vibe from the production and soothing lyrics. Kay’s voice is just relaxing as he delivers melodic lyrics utilizing certain words that Nate once spoke in “So Fly”, adding his own flair into the mix for a really intriguing and incredible display of respect for the late Long Beach icon.

Even though Domo is the artist who attracted me to this song, I was already pretty blown away before even getting to his part in the second verse. However, when he did go in for his part, I was even more pleased with the results. Domo’s deep, smooth voice emphasizes every single word he speaks, clarifying the track of any impurities that other artists might’ve brought to the table if they were put in the same position as he was. His rhyming is masterful to say the least, as rhyme schemes accent at least three or four words per bar, showing off just how lyrically inclined he has been since his start in the Rap scene. Even with all of his lyrical intricacies, the basis of this song is all about smoking weed. Although it could sound like an elementary or basic topic for some, both Kay and Domo bring their incredible skills to the song, showing off this topic in a light that’s not typically done in such an artistic manner.

It’s pretty clear to me that even though Odd Future is a thing of the past, every artist seems to be doing just fine with where they’re at. It’s also nice knowing that there’s really no bad blood between the large group of talents, and I’m sure they help each other out when it comes to certain things when given an opportunity to do so. Domo is clearly at the top of his game still, which is impressive in and of itself considering he’s been at his peak performance continuously year after year for as long as I can remember. Kay Franklin truly has a gift, as can be heard on this record, so he’s also an artist that fans need to keep an eye on. Whether you’re a Nate Dogg fan, a weed fan, or just a fan of great, comforting music, “Nate Said” is a song that needs to be added to your playlist immediately.