Nasty (Remix) – [grouptherapy. , Baby Tate]

While everyone has their own personal gripes about TikTok, one thing that we can’t deny about the platform is its ability to keep great music alive and bring special artist projects to the forefront (sometimes…). Luckily for us, the L.A. based trio known as grouptherapy. have been a few of the beneficiaries of the platform and are making the most of it. Having popped off viral videos almost daily in 2023 and sparking recent movement around “DYSBF!” through their memorable On The Radar freestyle, there’s something seriously special brewing with grouptherapy. and anyone with a good set of eyes and ears can tell. 

Made up of former child actors TJOnline, SWIM, and Jadagrace, the three have decided to add a fourth collaborator to their family affair with the “Nasty” remix. Featuring the all too-swaggy, Baby Tate, we hear a fresh take on a final verse that feels like a cohesive new twist to a song that was already my favorite record off of grouptherapy.’s “i was mature for my age, but i was still a child”. “Nasty” indeed, the single will likely leave you with a stank-face from the second you press play as the combination of the four verses and slick hook is simply too much heat to comprehend at once. A tune I know I’ll be spinning back for many months to come, I think this remix could have some serious legs and be a big part of what moves the needle for the group. Check it out below!