Nascar Racer – [DC the Don]

Coming from the Midwest, I’m somewhat shocked that I’m not more familiar with Milwaukee artist DC the Don. Although he might reside out in Los Angeles now, he was born and raised in the Wisconsin city and I’m familiar with many artists coming from that region so considering I’m somewhat new to the world that DC created through music, I’ve got a lot of catching up to do. Luckily, just last week he dropped off his debut project with his new label Rostrum Records called Come as You Are, so I, along with the rest of his fans, have 14 brand-new tracks to sift through and enjoy.

Along with the release of his album he wanted to keep the party going, so he decided to drop a music video for a single he released off of the project last month called “Nascar Racer”. Very ambient, epic synths blaze a trail for an extremely momentous offering that is quickly met by chattering hats and claps as well as booming drums that bring this track to new heights. At first, the beat sounds so powerful that there was a question in the back of my mind of if DC could possibly be overshadowed by such a busy and loud instrumental, but the very moment he comes in to sing had me proven more wrong than I ever thought I could be. His voice is just full of command and he wasn’t about to let anything steal the show away from him as he sings with such passion behind his words. He gives me slight Trippie Redd vibes due to the somewhat raspy, gritty nature within his words, but he also differentiates himself by keeping his delivery a bit purer than the Atlanta by way of Ohio star.

As he gets into his first verse, he takes a step back and calms himself, showing off a more composed side of his music that is still full of emotion, it just doesn’t necessarily scream this as it does in the chorus. In fact, he almost completely ditches the singing to go with a much more rapid flow that caught my attention and definitely drew me in even more than before. While he’s doing this, however, his ad-libs show off some of the incredibly sung notes as he screams out and adds even more passion to the offering than ever before. As he makes his way throughout this track, it seems as if he is reminiscing about a relationship that didn’t work out due to the fact that he lives a fast and busy life, and this girl just simply couldn’t keep up with this way of living.

As the music video opens up, DC is making his way around a car at night while the interior of the vehicle is illuminated by some neon lights. A counterpart of his throws a duffle bag in the trunk and daps him up, sending him on his way to an undisclosed location at this point in the visual. The next scene shows him cruising down the street, vibing out to the track, and spitting his lyrics as the outside environment of the vehicle appears to be completely animated. There are other green screenshots that show off the talent dancing around in front of a colorful backdrop as if he’s in a spaceship going lightspeed as the colors just mesh together in an incredibly appealing fashion.

After a few moments of this, DC appears in a makeshift backyard of some sort. His BMW is in his rearview as well as graffiti-covered walls and a friend of his sitting on a bench. Due to his speedy driving in the initial scene, a breaking news story appears on the screen and says that he had gotten himself into a high-speed car chase with the police and he’s a wanted man. In order to hide from the cops, he hides out at his friend’s house where he delivers the duffle bag. As his buddy opens it up, a bright light illuminates from within and his friend looks shocked and excited. Some time passes and to bring the video to an end, the feds raid his buddy’s house and catch DC. After the song culminates, there is a very heartfelt and important message that takes over the screen and mentions the discriminatory and racist feelings that way too many people still have in their hearts towards people of color, so he calls for a transformation and hopes to bring some much-needed change into the world.

Once again, I’m not overly familiar with DC the Don, but I’m undoubtedly impressed with the work I’ve heard from him so far. I’ve always been a massive fan of the somewhat Punk inspired style of Hip-Hop, and he definitely has this style on lock, without a doubt. Not only can he sing with so much emotion behind his words, but he also knows how to masterfully rap as well as switch up his cadences constantly, always keeping you guessing about what he’s going to do next. Come as You Are is definitely a project I need to sit down and truly allow myself to dive into because it is bound to be a success, so I can’t wait to take some time as soon as I can to delve into the world of DC. If you’re not totally familiar with DC the Don, you’re going to be seeing his name everywhere sooner rather than later, so get in tune with his latest project as well as the brand-new music video for his song “Nascar Racer”.