Nah Fr – [RariBoy Spin]

RariBoy Spin is a rapper that may have a similar sound to some of the other rappers in his lane. But visuals like these stand out and catch the eye of people who are looking at music and videos on a daily basis. The visuals for “Nah Fr” take place at the beach of all places. Far away from your typical trappers trap house or city. With RariBoy Spin doing this I’m automatically drawn in by the scenery. I think elements like having his posse behind him and the recording mic at the beach also set the tone for the song and video. “Nah Fr” just the song itself is a solid record, making the hook a catchy saying has me repeating it over and over in my head throughout the day. But, RariBoy Spin can still pop his sh*T with his verses and lyrics without it taking away from the record.

Watch RariBoy Spin’s visuals for “Nah Fr” after the break.