N95 – [Kendrick Lamar]

It goes without saying, but the king himself Kendrick Lamar needs absolutely no introduction. Whenever he drops a new album, it’s an absolute spectacle, not because these albums come very few and far between, but because there is so much thought, creativity, and effort that goes into each and every aspect of his projects. good kid, m.A.A.d city is undeniably one of my personal favorite albums of all time, and each project since then has showcased Kendrick’s thought process on important topics as he finds them necessary and relevant to speak on, and I love that because he doesn’t force the issues if people aren’t ready, but he also doesn’t sugar coat them when he actually does state his testimonies.

Of course, on his insanely inventive album Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers, he shares some words that not everyone is going to agree with, and controversies will undeniably be stirred up, but that is what he has made a point in his career to do because he has a platform that receives mass amounts of attention, and he is going to use it to the best of his abilities. In all honesty, I don’t feel as if I even deserve to go in depth on the project because I certainly couldn’t do it justice, so while I can’t encourage you all to tune in asap if you haven’t already listened, I at least wanted to share his new music video for the project’s second song “N95”, directed by Dave Free and Kendrick himself through pgLang.

While this one contains mostly black and white scenes, there are a few moments that pop with color, each shot proving to be pretty much more abstract and up for interpretation as they continue on to the culmination of the video. With cameos from Baby Keem, some very intriguing skate clips of the legend Tyshawn Jones that were recorded by one of my favorite directors Mikey Alfred, and an insanely intoxicating variety of other clips, I think this visual works seamlessly with the rollout of the album, and you definitely don’t want to miss out as this project’s legacy continues to unfold before our eyes.