n ur arms – [Jazz Ingram] [YourFriendKami]

Demos are a wonderful and, in my opinion, highly-underrated look into the creative vision of any given artist. Not only do they present the unpolished beauty of work-in-progress ideas, but demo allow us the opportunity to see where our favorite artists are headed — an almost behind-the-scenes appeal that truly feels more intimate than an official single. One artist whose demos I’ve always found myself naturally attracted to are those of Jazz Ingram, whose alternative SoundCloud account under the name “babycliche’s bedroom” houses all of these ideas. Today, the demo that we’re bringing to the light goes by the name of “n ur arms,” featuring help from none other than one of Jazz’s frequent collaborators, YourFriendKami.

Lush and laid-back as this offering may be, the comfortability that Ingram displays on the mic is quite possibly one of the most alluring elements of the song. It’s easygoing, it’s peaceful, and it’s a break from the pressures of the day, allowing listeners to sit back and reflect as Ingram and Kami collaborate for a brief, decadent offering. With this in mind, after hearing the new demo, I hold the utmost confidence in saying that Jazz Ingram’s already-great music is only headed in even more promising direction than before, so I would keep an eye out for future releases from the budding talent. Ingram and Kami have been known to impress, with “n ur arms” as undeniable proof.