N.O.C Menace Redefines What Is Country-Urban Music

With the recent release of his latest single “Country Boy Living,” NOC Menace has critics craving to see more of his peculiar lifestyle. Shortly after a video surfaced of a shirtless Menace cruising on a candy-painted antique tractor, the Nocatee, Florida native released his debut record, “Country Boy Living.”

“Plenty of people say they’re country, but they’re not country boy living like I am.” Menace stated.

When asked what exactly is Country Boy Living, he noted that “it’s the lifestyle rooted from real southern upbringing. It’s not something that’s limited to just the south or Florida. But I represent Nocatee, Florida to shine light on where I’m from.”

Formally known as Yung Flawda, his music was inspired by his family, especially his father and sister. Even though he proclaims not to have been so good, it’s clear that he was creating sound and artistry. NOC Menace creates music filled with hope and pain, with inspiration from Rod Wave. When we learned of his musical inspirations we found it intriguing to acknowledge Rod wave previously stated he would inspire the next artist to come up out of Florida.

This Nocatee native is the epitome of art that imitates life. His music is short films of a small-town kid whose “Country Urban” lifestyle has sprung a new genre from the most unlikely crossover of music.