MySpace – [BabyTron]

Out of all the musicians who never fail to surprise me, I think that BabyTron has got to be one of the main artists that top my list. Before I listened to him for the first time, I admittedly thought that he may have been a bit of a meme rapper, but after listening to literally one song, I quickly realized that he was anything but. Then, he was included on the 2022 XXL Freshman List, an achievement that he definitely deserves and earned, but it just feels like sometimes the votes fall in different directions, so I was totally happy that he was selected. I could go on to mention all of the numbers he’s doing and all of the firsts he has attained, but the latest piece of information that shocked me was that he was nominated in the Best New Artist category at the Grammys.

Now, I completely think that he is deserving of this feat, but I know that the Grammys aren’t typically completely tapped in or accurate when it comes to some of these awards, so the fact that Tron was included on the ballot made my excitement skyrocket through the roof. The grind doesn’t stop, though, because he is back and better than ever with the third edition of his Bin Reaper trilogy, this one named Bin Reaper 3: Old Testament. 15 songs lasting 40 minutes might seem like a lot considering he has already dropped so much music throughout 2022, but Tron seems to never slow down, and I couldn’t be more grateful for his work ethic.

To celebrate the release, he even linked up with Diego to direct a music video for the tape’s third song “MySpace”, and it’s a must-watch for all BabyTron fans. The rapid shots, hazy aesthetic, and unmatched wordplay are combined with some undeniably addicting animations and edits that combine for a captivating set of frames. Out of everything, though, I think my favorite item in the video is at the very beginning when the camera focuses on an alligator, but the longer you look, you realize that a watch is wrapped around the reptile, something I just personally found pretty comical to kick things off. BabyTron’s reign seems like it is never going to slow down, and his buzz will only continue to grow, so you already know that Bin Reaper 3: Old Testament is a must-listen whether you check it out before or after the “MySpace” music video!