My Type – [Saiso Cupid]

There’s something bubbling in New York City right now. At the top, Brooklyn trio 41 is blending club and drill beats into urgent hits while just underneath the surface, Cash Cobain is finding a home on the charts among star artists as a producer while propelling his sexy, sample-oriented sound as an artist, Kelz is popping out of Brooklyn as a must-watch R&B star of tomorrow, Chow Lee, Lonny Love, Vontee the Singer, etc. continue their tear as some of the city’s most exciting and charismatic rap talent, and the list goes on. R&B newcomer Saiso Cupid is here to add to the conversation with “My Type.”

Hailing from Brooklyn, Saiso started taking music seriously 9 months ago and seems to have already found his stylistic stride – a slice-of-life songwriter making moody R&B songs out of New York City, which his latest release “My Type” builds upon. Beginning the song with just a bassline and rhythmic clap, “My Type” blossoms the second Saiso’s vocals come in, belting out the opening lines “Don’t want you to go off on me, all the way from Palm Beach.” The story of a complicated love interest follows, skillfully told with narrative and specificity atop a melodic, tempered instrumental. It’s a well-written release, and lines like “the more I give you back pain, the more you give me migraines / but damn, you the type I like mama” stand out as clear indicators that Saiso is onto something.

As with any new artist, we’re best off keeping the writing to a minimum and letting the sound speak for itself, so check out “My Type” below. “CTTW” is another favorite from Saiso, but I’d highly recommend giving his catalog the deep dive treatment if you’re into this one. There’s something special burgeoning in NYC right now, and Saiso Cupid is sure to be one of the name’s on the forefront of this wave soon.