My Own Enemy – [Yung Honcho]

Knoxville, Tennessee rapper Yung Honcho just released his newest project, My Own Enemy. Honcho is known for his catchy melodies and raw lyricism, but this project shows deeper complexity and vulnerability. The album is a musical documentary, showcasing Honcho’s journey as a human being.

Despite facing setbacks and trauma in his life, Honcho has remained passionate about music.

“It’s about staying persistent through it all. It’s about those late nights running on nothing but an irrational amount of faith.”

‘My Own Enemy’ is a substantive Hip-Hop odyssey that sets Honcho apart from his contemporaries. While ‘Problems of a Rapper’ acts as the project’s main course, the entire album showcases Honcho’s depth as an artist and street philosopher. Honcho’s music is powerful, and his brand is becoming increasingly influential with every piece he puts out.

At just 25 years old, Yung Honcho is poised for success in the rap game and beyond. My Own Enemy is a testament to Honcho’s talent and ability to connect with listeners personally. As his star continues to rise, it’s clear that the sky is the limit. Check out My Own Enemy below!