my only mistake-[ELLIANA]

Nothing brings me more joy than getting to write pieces about amazing people. With so much good music circulating around the music industry, the determining factors between good singers and superstars are the intangible personal characteristics that they bring to the table.

Someone who possesses all of the skill as well as these qualities is 24-year-old singer/songwriter, ELLIANA. The up and comer has been on my radar for some time now, but this is my first time getting to dive into her music and write about it. The Orange County, California native is overflowing with talent as she first began getting acquainted with music through her church upbringing. What started off as just something that she was around, quickly blossomed into a full fledged passion, which is why she’s making it on to the page of Lyrical Lemonade today.

ELLIANA appears in front of us this afternoon for the release of her brand new song called, “My Only Mistake”. In this emotionally fueled ballad, the future star details her reflection of a past relationship, admitting that her main shortcoming was the relationship in the first place. Through her angelic vocals and transparent story-telling, ELLIANA invites us into her world as we experience every feeling and emotion that she felt while making this masterpiece.

I’m a huge fan of this girl not just for her music, but more so for the person she is. I’ve attached the latest song down below, so give this one a listen and let us know what you think!