My Lena My Lena Oh Where Did You Go – [Atsen]

17-year-old Chicago by way of Nigeria rapper Atsen is making his Lyrical Lemonade debut today with his raw but impressive project entitled ‘My Lena My Lena Oh Where Did You Go’. One of my younger homies told me to listen to his music and I saved it to listen to at a later date. The project is only 7 tracks and 18 minutes long but it serves as a perfect sample platter of what Atsen is capable of musically. It’s a mix of traditional rap, alternative rap, hyper pop, and more, songs in his catalog like “Love” may lean towards an Xxxtentacion sound while others may lean to a sound that is similar to someone like Tom The Mail Man. Atsen told me via direct messages on Instagram that the new ep was entirely self-produced and most of the upcoming music will be as well. I’m really excited to see where Atsen can go with his sound, This past project was definitely more experimental. If you are looking for a more traditional sound then you should give his ‘ALONEANDINLOVE’ project a spin as well.

Stream Atsen’s new project ‘My Lena My Lena Oh Where Did You Go’ after the break for yourself.