My High – [Disclosure] ft. [Amine] & [Slowthai]

Although I used to hate on EDM music, admittedly, I’ve recently opened my mind and come around to it a bit. While Hip-Hop and Rap will always take the crown, in my opinion, I feel like EDM has its place in the world of music and I definitely understand the appeal at this point. I especially love when I see the two worlds collide, as is what happens on Disclosure’s latest single “My High”, which recruits the likes of Amine and Slowthai. While I’m more familiar with Slowthai than Amine, in all honesty, I know that both artists bring such vitality to any song they’re on, so seeing them pair up on an already high energy offering is super interesting, to say the least.

Considering it is an EDM song first and foremost, the instrumental is fast-paced, high energy, and bounces the entire time. This is due to the lively percussion and pithy drums, while a melody isn’t always evident throughout every portion of the track. Rather, the vocals are somewhat spoken in a melodic fashion, bringing that element to the track in an uncharacteristic but appealing fashion. As Amine begins to sing, his voice has a filter over it, making him sound almost like a robot of sorts as his words are somewhat scratchy and staticky. On the hook, he begs someone to not mess up his high, repeating the title of the song for emphasis and playing along with the rhythm nicely. When Amine gets to his verse, however, he speeds up his cadence to a tempo that is kind of insane as he matches the upbeat pace of the song. Not only does he match the tempo, but his energy is enough to stand out but not take away from the vigor within the production, complimenting the drive of the beat perfectly.

Prior to Slowthai coming in for his verse, there’s a much-needed bridge that he whispers a few lines over in order to give the song a breath of fresh air and calm down for a moment before he proceeds to cause absolute madness once again. I see why they needed Thai on the song because he not only meshes with the high energy of the instrumental flawlessly, but he also compliments the enthusiasm that Amine brings as well. As the song takes another minute and a half or so to come to an end, the beat rides out and the two rappers take turns contributing a few more additions into the track before it finally comes to a close. Although there isn’t much lyrical significance to this track, both artists talk about people trying to be their friends, being off of drugs, and spotting pretty women at the club.

This visual brings as much madness as the song itself to the life of one very unlucky patient in a hospital. Beginning with the sound effects of a car attempting to screech to a halt before crashing into something, the video actually opens up with two nurses rushing somewhere in a hospital with a man lying on a stretcher. This guy is rolled outside in the midst of the emergency so a nurse can light up a joint, and the man looks over at him with an understandably shocked expression on his face. Out of nowhere, a woman begins rolling the stretcher into the city before Amine takes over and starts playing bumper cars with the guy and a fleet of shopping carts. He’s eventually taken by a variety of different cliques including a family, skateboarders, children, and more.

As Slowthai comes in for his verse, He stands on top of the man and sits on the stretcher as he spins in circles with the camera. Finally, one of the final scenes shows the man being dragged into a house party where absolute madness ensues. People are playing with his bag of saline, dancing around him, and even lifting him up to crowd surf in the midst of this crazy occasion. To round out this guy’s awful journey, he is absolutely beaten to a pulp as people hit him with various items like guitars and shovels, spin him around, bounce a basketball off of his head, and launch him off of a ramp. When he finally comes to a halt and no one’s around, he stands up and walks away from the stretcher before unfortunately getting hit by a car, ending his journey once and for all.

While this song is clearly more EDM than Hip-Hop, Amine and Slowthai do an impeccable job of adapting to the genre and really making the most of this song. The instrumental itself absolutely bumps and if it doesn’t make you want to get up and dance, I have no clue what will. The visual, although violent and intense at times, is entertaining through its entire duration. You can’t help but feel bad for the guy, of course, but all of the different scenes and places he’s brought throughout really make this an extremely intriguing video. This track is supposed to be on the DJ duo’s upcoming album ENERGY which is set to release in August, and that’s actually a project I’m extremely excited about. I know Disclosure has a good eye for Hip-Hop and Rap talent, and the album is supposed to feature other artists such as Mick Jenkins, Kehlani, Syd, and Common, among many others, which should truly be a spectacle to experience. While we wait, “My High” is definitely a song that should be a top choice to get any Summer function bumping, so peep the song and music video below whenever you find a moment.