My Dawg – [21 Savage] x [Metro Boomin]

Just last week, 21 Savage and Metro Boomin finally delivered their highly anticipated collaborative album Savage Mode II, and fans have eaten it up ever since. I have to admit, my first run through I enjoyed, but I had some skepticism. Since the first listen, though, I have revisited it probably more than ten times in its entirety and it has rapidly become one of my favorite projects to drop all year. The inclusion of Morgan Freeman’s narration was as unexpected as it was brilliant and hearing him describe certain situations related to the streets was unbelievable. The plethora of samples, beats, and homage being paid to other artists throughout the album are remarkable, and I want to go and listen to it all over once again after just talking about it.

“My Dawg” is a standout on the album not only because of the catchy vocals and infectious flows, but 21 also goes into detail about the situation that arose early last year dealing with being born in the U.K. where he talks about how much of a struggle that was for him and his family. Luckily, the new content doesn’t just stop at the album, and the super duo decided to drop off a brand-new music video for this revealing and amazing track. The visual opens up with drone shots showing off a birds-eye view of an old school red car that is driving down a country road. Eventually, it pulls up to the gates of a grand estate, eventually pulling up the driveway of the mansion.

We first see 21 and Metro standing out in the yard in front of a huge fountain as oversaturated lights accent their luxurious outfits incredibly. As Metro sits down for a meal with some Pablo Escobar-influenced characters, gunmen surround the premises and protect the property as the sketchy meeting takes place. Meanwhile, 21 leans on the railing of a second-story balcony, reciting his lyrics as he gazes down on some half-naked women hanging out in the yard before getting a phone call and meeting up with Metro and the gentleman at lunch. As 21 gets into his remarks regarding his overseas birth, he is surrounded by old fashioned British soldiers, bringing attention to the lyrical content even more in a slightly comical fashion.

Later on, a scene where lockers are shown behind the two artists brings them back to their days selling drugs in high school, providing a glimpse in the past that they are able to reminisce on. After this shot, the duo heads back out to the front yard at night as some more violent themes begin to unfold. While they bounce around and 21 spits his bars, the fountain in their rearview is spewing what can only be interpreted as blood while guard dogs chase unwanted visitors off of the property. Finally, the video comes to a close with the two artists shaking the sketchy-looking gentleman’s hand, sealing the deal and leading us out of the visual.

Obviously, I had high hopes for the sequel to the tag team’s initial Savage Mode project, and I am beyond elated to say that they didn’t disappoint in the slightest. Their brief features of Drake, Young Thug, and Young Nudy all helped elevate the album wonderfully and also provided some variety to it, allowing Metro and 21 to adapt to various styles throughout. I’ve always been a fan of 21 Savage, but I felt like his lyricism could get somewhat monotonous at times in the past, but his narratives and storytelling abilities within this project proved me to be unbelievably wrong. While this is undoubtedly not the last we’re going to hear about Savage Mode II, the visual for “My Dawg” is as incredible as it is telling, so make sure you stop whatever you’re doing and tune in.