My Darling – [Chase Alex]

Chicago is such a close-knit community that even if you don’t know someone personally, you most likely know someone else who could connect you with them. Back in November, I linked up with some homies when $NOT and Keshore came through their tour stop here in the Windy City, and while I was excited to chop it up even more with them, I also met a variety of other people who I am definitely grateful to have come across.

One person was AYEDAGZ, someone who just seemed like a genuinely good dude who you could tell was passionate about the various things we had talked about which mostly revolved around the local music scene. It honestly wasn’t even until after the fact that I realized he produced and had a hand in bringing some of the versatile sounds in Chi-town to life, and ever since I realized just how awesome his taste in music is, I always have to make sure to tap in with whatever artist he puts me on to.

Chase Alex was the most recent person he had mentioned, and it’s a name that I had heard through the grapevine in the past, so I was definitely thrilled to finally catch up on some of the buzz that I was previously missing out on. The offering that I had tapped in with was actually his latest Maya Cruz-directed visual for “My Darling”, a song that is remarkable and dexterous which allows Alex to prove to listeners that he is definitely a force to be reckoned with in this city. The video was just as spectacular, though, considering it was shot entirely on film with an Arriflex 16S camera that has been used in the film industry dating all the way back to the 70s.

Due to this, the entire video seems as if we’re being shown vintage footage of some black-tie event that Alex and his friends are headed to, and it’s the natural grittiness that this camera offers that makes this one so special, because modern effects and alterations simply couldn’t even come close to making a present-day video look even remotely as good. Although Chase Alex is still working hard to prove his worth in the industry, he is wrapping up a tour filled with sold-out shows, so while “My Darling” is definitely an awesome release, you already know that he’s getting ready to lock in and bring even more dope music to life as the year progresses.