Murallas [Centella] x [Heartgaze]

Murallas” is out now. This is a song that is many years old, in fact it was the first one I did during 2016 when this project was starting. At that time for me dealing with detachment, something that is perhaps super simple and broad, of course over the years it was taking an important role in my life and has become something perhaps much more complex, something about releasing negative things, because at the end we are alone in peace of mind and convictions are all we have” – Centella

Santiago, Chile producer Centella makes his Lyrical Lemonade debut with “Murallas,” an excellent song in collaboration with Argentinian artist Heartgaze. The track contains a smooth melody that’d be fitting for a classic film’s soundtrack such as Fallen Angels, while the VALPA created cover art reminds me of movie like Trainspotting. The synthetic production creates a mellow atmosphere fitting for a late-night slow dance with your significant other, and the vocals + raps align to mirror such romanticism. It’s an equally suitable vibe to spin for a late night drive or kickback, but regardless of circumstance this canción is worth your attention. Moreover, the organic guitar instrumentation toward the end tops off the record to provide an additional ‘electric’ feel; the sheer vibrancy is immediately felt from the start and harmonized for the finish. Overall, “Murallas” is a compelling and memorable offering from Centella and Heartgaze, which you can listen to below!