Murakami Soldier – [ITSOKTOCRY]

I’ve been talking a lot about ITSOKTOCRY recently, but he never leaves me without more admiration to share. His album POSHBOY 2 has been out for a few weeks, and although I listen to it all the way through at least a few times per day, I find myself discovering new songs or portions of other tracks that I enjoy more and more with every additional listen.

To be completely honest, when I first listened to the album, his song “Murakami Soldier” wasn’t one of my favorites. I’m not at all sure why I thought this because with every new listen, I find myself favoring it even more than before and it might’ve turned into one of, if not my favorite cut off of the project. There is just the video game, happy go lucky feeling that fills my eardrums and I love singing along to his nonchalant, joyous bars as I learn more of them every time I tune in.

CRY is as excited as anyone now that the album is out, and although fans are eating it up, he’s not finished. Luckily, he dropped off a trippy new music video to accompany this hit song, and although all of his visuals are so off the wall that they can be hard to describe, I have no choice but to attempt to do so. What impressed me the most was not only the fact that he made this incredible song, but he also shot, directed, and edited this brand-new music video, so his talents don’t stop at the microphone.

Although Astari is known for pushing some of the most underrated up and coming acts in all of Rap music, when they teamed up with CRY to drop this visual, they undoubtedly provided some of the most individualistic sounds to their network of fans. Obviously, as the title would suggest, it pays homage to the colorful, vibrant work that artist Takashi Murakami has brought to life. Right before the song starts, his tagline is spoken by an animated rainbow flower that is sort of Murakami’s logo, leading us right into the drop.

As CRY is first shown, the effects on the camera show him standing on what looks to be a sphere or some sort of small planet, which makes sense because there’s no way CRY’s music is from Earth, and this effect remains consistent throughout the entire video. The leaves on the trees around him are colored pink, bringing even more vibrance to the already bright aesthetics used throughout. Although it’s difficult to decipher all of the different settings used, other places he can be seen in seem to be his studio, around his kitchen, walking down a street, and possibly even in his bedroom. This music video is as indescribable as any of his others, and while my words might not do it justice, it’s just one of those things that you have to see to understand.

While POSHBOY 2 might include some of the wildest sounds in all of Hip-Hop, it breathes new, inventive life into the genre that is as welcomed as it is masterful and artistic. I had no idea what to expect going into my first listen, but I knew I could expect something magical, and that’s exactly what ITSOKTOCRY delivered. According to his Twitter, he’s going to drop a new music video every time his previous visual gets to one hundred thousand views until he’s out of songs on the album, so for my own selfish sake, please go run up the numbers on the music video for “Murakami Soldier” so we can get more videos sooner rather than later.