Murakami – [Armonxx]

Armonxx is a rapper from El Paso, Texas, that has a hypnotizing single that you should check out today entitled Murakami” The song is inspired by the work of Japanese artist Takashi Murakami and the artist’s hometown. Armonxx states “I was vibing out on a beautiful sunny day in El Paso,”. “I was next to a smiling Murakami Flower pillow, and it just sparked everything. I was really just feeling thankful, grateful, and blessed that day.” This record is a feel-good anthem that celebrates life and happiness. It’s a departure from his previous work, which has been more introspective and personal. Armonxx also stated via email “I wanted to make a happy song that people could feel,” he said. “I have 101 songs, and this is the first one that’s like this. It’s kind of a challenge for myself.” The song is a groovy and upbeat track with a catchy melody and positive lyrics while blending afro-beats and lo-fi r&b sounds.

Stream Armonxx’s new single “Murakami” for yourself after the break.