Munna World 2 – [Kiree 3600]

I definitely have my biases, but I genuinely believe that the future of music is going to be running out of Virginia. Whether it’s rap, r&b, or even alternative, Virginia’s up-and-coming scene has you covered, especially the 757 area code. Hailing from the state that’s birthed the careers of legends such as Pharrell, Missy Elliot, Pusha T, and more, Kiree 3600 is an up-and-coming rapper whose music I believe could one day reach the heights of the icons who continue champion their home state of V.A.. While still building in the underground, anyone who puts ears on Kiree 3600’s music knows that this guy is a bonafide star and it’s only time until the world realizes what we all see, so it’s an honor to highlight Kiree for his Lyrical debut today. 

Up until this point, Kiree 3600 has released a ton of impressive tunes, but nothing has topped the heat that he just dropped last week. “Munna World 2” is Kiree 3600’s debut album and it’s a prime example of his continued ascension and growth since the release of his two previous EPs, “E and Three” and “Munna World”. An action packed 11-song project (in line with what we heard in the original “Munna World”), “Munna World 2” solidifies Kiree 3600 as one of the most captivating rappers coming out of the musically rich state at the moment and it’s never been more apparent. On “Munna World 2”, Kiree invites more new fans into his world with singles such as “Persona” and “Too Much Motion”, but still manages to retain his core audience’s allegiance with records like “Red Dawgs.” These three focus tracks speak volumes about how capable Kiree is, but other records such as “Twin Flame”, “Best Friend”, and “Preschooler” with Young Crazy really push this project over the edge and convince me further that Kiree 3600 is an underground favorite for 2023 and beyond. For any rap fans looking for some hard-hitting, turn-up joints to be playing throughout this spring and summer, look no further than Kiree 3600’s “Munna World 2” because this guy has been dropping some serious heat that should no longer be slept on.