Multi-talented Motown Record Signee Malachiii Drops New EP ‘The Ascension’

On May 20th, emerging California artist Malachiii, shared his debut EP, The Ascension, via Motown Records. The EP consists of 7 songs – 4 of which are new to his fans. Earlier this year, the multi-talented artist released his compelling anthem ‘Free My Soul’, ‘Hold Me’, and ‘I’m Back’ prior to his EP.

The Ascension places the spotlight on Malachiii elastic flows, buoyant rhythms, and melodies. Ever since the premiere of his debut single “Love Me”, with over 220k views on his live performance, Malachi continues to produce quality work. His latest EP is no exception. This project did a wonderful job highlighting how his approach to music is unlike anything you might have heard before.” Free My Soul” has a melodic vibe, great energy, and unleashes a positive aura upon listening – while “I’m Back” is more of a powerful song with a strong message behind it.

“The Ascension is my true introduction to the world,” Malachi shared about The Ascension. “This project is so important to me because it’s just the tip of the iceberg. The listener will get a chance to see different sides of me musically, while reflecting on my journey with “ascension” in all things in my life.”

Before his project released, Lyrical Lemonade had the opportunity to learn more about Malachiii. Check out his interview below.

How did growing up in Southern California influence your music?

There’s great energy in LA as far as music and entertainment, so I think there’s definitely an influence there, but I’d say that I’m inspired by all types of music from all parts of the world. The different genres of music I was exposed to growing up had the most influence on my sound now.

You began writing music when you were 14. How did you become interested in becoming a writer so young?

I had an audition because I was acting at the time, and for the audition, they asked for me to have my own original music and I had never written a song before. So that kind of forced me to learn how to write a song.

Not only do you write music, but you also produce. How important is it for you to learn about different jobs in music? 

It’s definitely been a great advantage to me as an artist to have those skills in my toolbox and to be able to execute the ideas in my head myself without having to rely upon someone else. It also makes it easier to collaborate with other producers and songwriters. It’s like you’re “speaking their language.”

Would you put your music in one genre? Or would you not classify your work?

I don’t think I have a particular genre. I’m probably more genre-less than anything, but I think there are many aspects of my music that you could categorize, I just choose not to because I like creating all types of music.

Why did you choose to sign with Motown Records? 

It was honestly the perfect fit. Motown is a legendary label with a lot of great history, but aside from that, the passion and vibe was there off the strength of my music alone, which is rare in a world that’s all about hype and buzz. I felt I’d have great support from them as a creative and the freedom to bring my ideas to life and make the music I really wanted to make. 

What was the biggest accomplishment so far in your career and why?

I say checking off 3 major life goals within the same year…I wrote them down on my whiteboard. One of them being, sign a deal with a major label and the other two being booking an Airbnb to work on my music and getting my dream car. Now I have new goals and am accomplishing those as we speak!

What’s your creative process like in the booth?

It varies, but it usually starts with creating a piece of music, finding some starter ideas to freestyle melodies over and then adding lyrics. That’s my go-to process, but it’s not always the same.

What is your favorite song you created thus far and why?

Honestly, I have a few but, one song I’m really excited about is “Back When We Were Kids.” It’s so nostalgic, and I think the song and the message in it are really powerful. 

What can we expect from your debut EP The Ascension? What makes this project special to you?

The Ascension EP is my true introduction to the world, as an artist. It’s got a little bit of everything, and it’s the tip of the iceberg of what you can expect from me as an artist. I’m just really excited to have all this new music out in the world for people to listen to and vibe to.

What do you hope to accomplish by the end of 2022?

A #1 song, a lot of collaborations, and the opportunity to perform in front of thousands of people and hear the crowd singing the words. That’s happening!

Check out Malachiii‘s new EP below.