Multi – [Chase Aaron]

Chase Aaron, one half of the LA-based duo SRNDR, has released a double-feature of sorts with his latest independent offering. Appropriately titled, Multi, the new two-pack of song’s exudes Aaron’s ability to tap into multiple sonic moods while cementing his subject matter around love’s endless depth. The opening track, “Grip,” is co-produced by Kami Osha and is crafted into a grandiose experience with driving guitar instrumentation that creates an intimate space for Aaron to bear his heart and soul. Despite the song’s darker textures and tones, “Grip,” is ultimately about love; chronicling a person’s internal struggle while being ultimately and unconditionally loved. The two-pack transitions into the more laid-back mentality of “Thankful” which uses a more stripped-back soundbed to create a blissed-out example of Aaron’s thankfulness. His warm vocals comfortably wrap themselves around the power and truth buried in the song’s guitar-lead instrumentation as he continues to serenade listeners about the appreciation he holds for the totally consuming amount of love he has found. I highly suggest you submerge yourself in the love-riddled experience of Chase Aaron’s newest release. 

Listen to the new two-pack Multi from Chase Aaron below.